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Information ex art. 13 Leg. 196/2003
Under Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003 196, Code for the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter "Code"), Meccanocar , headquartered in Genova, Via Magnaghi 2 / 2, as data processing of your personal information informs you that:

1) the treatment carried out:
   a) relates to personal data given to us / it (such as identifying information and details, fiscal and / or otherwise relating to the conduct of economic activities) in relation to goods / services you have requested and fulfillment of its contractual and legal obligations;
   b) relates to the operations / complex operations related primarily: collection, storage, organization, storage, processing, communication, modification, selection, use, deletion, destruction (when the period prescribed under current legislation);
c) is aimed to enable the delivery of goods or the services mentioned above and to fulfill all contractual obligations, legal, tax and accounting related to safeguard rights, and to use the information strictly necessary for reference (with communication / dissemination of data provided and also via Internet);
   d) is performed as follows: aid of electronic or automated and / or paper-based systems, in compliance with the provisions regarding minimum security measures, as well as additional measures to ensure confidentiality and security (including As regards the protection against unauthorized access to or treatment not allowed or not in conformity with the declared purposes and in respect of destruction or accidental loss).

2) The data may be disclosed: according to specific legislation (ie to meet the obligations laid down by them) or to perform the services requested and fulfill its legal obligations and / or contract to public bodies (eg administration financial, etc.). and freelancers or companies / employers (eg tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, credit recovery companies, brokers, etc.).. The data may also be disclosed or known to the Society of Professional Service or an authorized treatment and processing of such data, including possibly the company uses or will use, to which has outsourced the implementation of all or part of the activities computing, data processing, accounting, etc. ..

3) The refusal to provide the data required by law (such as name and surname / name, tax / vat) makes it impossible to fulfill legal obligations.

4) If the grant is not required by law but is necessary and / or appropriate in order to carry out the work requested by you, the refusal to provide the data may be impossible and / or more difficult the progress of the request .

5) The data controller is Meccanocar , headquartered in Genova, Via Magnaghi 2 / 2, which uses the processing of workers (the Administrative Management, Marketing, Sales, Information Systems, Legal, Product Management, etc.). expressly appointed officers: these officers, then, as the perpetrators, are (or can be) aware of your personal information.

6) The Head of Information Services, appointed by the party responsible for the processing of data at the headquarters of the Owner, in Magnaghi 2 / 2, Genoa, you can go to exercise their rights under Article 7 of the said Code and in Specifically, the right to access their personal information, ask for a correction, update and erasure, if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of the law and to oppose their processing for legitimate reasons, etc. .. The updated list of controllers is available at the headquarters of the owner. 


I allow Meccanocar to use my personal data according to the art. 13 of the decree law n. 196/2003
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